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Tuning files Developed on the Dyno

Tuningfactory is a premier provider of high-quality, dyno-tested tuning files for businesses and professionals in the automotive industry.
With years of experience and a team of expert in-house developers, we are proud to offer a wide range of custom solutions that cater to the unique needs of our B2B clients.

Our extensive OLSx Database is available for direct access to WinOls owners,
giving our B2B clients the ability to access a vast array of tuning files and solutions to optimize their vehicles.
Additionally, our compatibility with a variety of popular tools including CMD Flashtec, Kess3, PCMFlash , AutoTuner-tool, Bflash, Autoflasher, and more allows for seamless integration with existing workflows and processes.

Our automatic system for DTC off and patches including dpf, adblue, vmax, e85, and many other solutions streamlines optimization and improves efficiency for our B2B clients.
We also specialize in developing solutions for big companies around the world, and our in-house experts are skilled in creating custom tuning files for Stage 1, Stage 2, E85 with cold start, DTC, DPF, Adblue, EGR, Vmax, Pop and Bang, DSG, and more.

At Tuningfactory, we prioritize fast, reliable service and the best price/quality factor for our B2B clients.
With exceptional customer service and support, our B2B clients can trust us to deliver the highest quality tuning files to help them optimize the performance of their vehicles and meet their business objectives. Dynoroom

DPF Removal

We can remove DPF functions in all these ECU : AEBI Smidth BOSCH Read More

Stages 1, 2

Stage 1 is a file for full stock engine (available for almost Read More

Torque Monitoring Disable

List of cars currently possible for Torque Monitoring Disable (Updated 07-08-2021): Alfa Read More

Lambda/O2 Removal

List of cars currently possible for Lambda/O2 Removal: Alfa Romeo BOSCH MED7.1 Read More

Speed Limiter Removal

List of cars currently possible for Speed Limiter Removal: BMW BOSCH EDC16C31 Read More

MAF Removal

List of cars currently cpossible for MAF Removal: Alfa Romeo BOSCH EDC16C39. Read More

Start/Stop disable

List of cars currently possible for StartSrop Disable: BMW BOSCH EDC17_C06 BOSCH Read More

Flaps / Swirl Removal

List of cars currently possible for Flaps / Swirl Removal: Alfa Romeo BOSCH Read More

ADBlue Removal

List of brands that are possible for Adblue removal (Updated 10-02-2023) AGRALE Read More

DTC Removal

List of cars currently possible for DTC Removal: (Updated 09-10-2021) Alfa Romeo Read More

EGR Removal

List of cars currently possible for EGR Removal (Updated 10-02-2023):Alfa Romeo BOSCH Read More

Sports Display Calibration

List of cars possible for Sports Display Calibration: BMW BOSCH EDC17_C41 BOSCH Read More

VAG Hot Start Fix

List of cars possible for Hot Start Fix(VAG): VAG BOSCH EDC15P BOSCH Read More

Readiness Calibration

List of cars currently possible for Readiness Calibration: (Update 16-9-2021) ALFA: - BOSCH Read More


We can do GPF/OPF removal for : BMW BOSCH MEVD17xxx BOSCH MEVD17.2 BOSCH Read More
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